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Buyer Testimonials

My husband and I chose a Craftsman Residential home early in the build process and were allowed to provide much input on the home design. However, we so loved the items our Craftsman designer Sydney had selected that we made very few changes. Every light fixture, wallpaper, paint color was meticulously curated and the completed home exceeds our expectations. We loved working with Craftsman in acquiring the home of our dreams!

- Meredith

Highest praise to Craftsman Residential for a superior home build here in Nashville. With all the construction in town it’s hard to know who to trust and which builds are of highest quality. Craftsman Residential is it.  We had zero issues, and the peace of mind of a yearlong warranty. We are so happy with our new home and you will be too.

- Brian and Margaret

Having worked with 2 other developers in Nashville on new construction homes, I can say there’s no comparison - Craftsman Residential is superior in every way!  The owner, Lucas Chesnut, takes great pride in his work and is meticulous in his attention to detail and getting it right and making your home perfect.  This coupled with his phenomenal design team, led by Sydney Marszalek, made the home building process fun and enjoyable.  In many ways, we consider Craftsman Residential part of our family and should we ever wish to build again, they’ll be the first ones we call.

- Jonathan and William

After many months of searching for our perfect home in Nashville, we came upon a house by Craftsman Residential and immediately fell in love. From start to finish, Lucas, Ashley and the entire Craftsman Residential team were a pleasure to work with. From meeting us at the initial showing to their quick response to every question, they went above and beyond in every aspect of the home buying experience. We would 100% work with Lucas and his team again and would recommend them to anyone looking for a beautiful, quality built home in the Nashville area. The Craftsman team is a case study in customer service, quality by design and pride of workmanship.

- Scott and Nicole

Working with Lucas and his team, from contract to closing, I was impressed with their high level of integrity, flexibility and personal service.  Sydney and the design team are creative, passionate about their discipline and equally focused on assisting with selections reflecting my personal style.  Communication and follow up was excellent throughout the process.  It was a positive experience of making a house into our home.

- Alexis

Realtor Testimonials

Having sold Craftsman Residential in the past, I can testify to the positive Buyer experience and long term homeowner satisfaction. Craftsman Residential has a reputation not limited to quality construction, design, customer satisfaction, and luxury finishes beyond its price point. It is my honor to work with Lucas Chestnut because I have the highest level of respect for his integrity, honesty, professionalism, his team, and his finished product. Mention Craftsman Residential to any Realtor, and the response is overwhelmingly positive. I am delighted to have two new construction listed on Soper Ave.

- Fiona P King of Worth Properties

Lucas and his team at Craftsman Residential are true standouts in the Nashville real estate scene. They are professional, timely, detail-oriented, and extremely organized, qualities that lead to successful projects and result in very happy home-owners.  They are constantly looking to improve, take their product to the next level, and consistently set the bar for design-centric, quality luxury home development in Nashville. I'm honored to work with them on a regular basis.

- Tristan Kinsley of Compass

Working with Craftsman Residential is an exceptional experience.  Their quality and attention to detail is unmatched by other developers.  I've worked with developers in Nashville over a decade, and the experiences I've had with Craftsman Residential are far and away the best. I feel confident working with them, because I know my clients will be treated with care and respect.

- Wendy Monday of Village

I have had the pleasure of working with Lucas Chesnut of Craftsman Residential since 2018. His quality and attention to detail improve with every project he undertakes. He is thorough, fair and a 'straight shooter' which is rare sometimes in the building profession. His reputation among realtors in the Nashville area is second to none.

- Whit Clark of Fridrich and Clark

Craftsman Residential is the finest developer of Luxury Homes in the Nashville area. They are committed to high-quality construction, custom floorplans and finishes, and a collaborative client building process. I have total confidence in their process and product.

- Alexander Brandau of KW Luxury

Our Story

Craftsman Residential is not just a team, we are family. Learn more about our team members and see how we give back to our community by clicking below:

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