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Meet The Team


Lucas & Ashley Chesnut


Lucas and Ashley Chesnut are the owners of Craftsman Residential, a real estate development and design company based in Nashville, TN.  Craftsman Residential started as a side gig flipping and building houses in the Western Kentucky region in the mid-2000's before shifting our focus in 2011 to the Nashville market, where we focus on new construction projects in the heart of Music City. Lucas and Ashley enjoy life with their two daughters, Brooklyn and Bailee as well as our dog Dolly.


Sydney Marszalek


Sydney developed a love for interior design at an early age, drawing floor plans, space planning with furniture and her grandmother's teaching about textiles sparked a huge interest. Showing many talents for this passion she went on to get her degree with a B.A  in Interior Design from Western Kentucky University. Her thoughtful approach to each project brings a fresh perspective that reflects a "New Classic" take on traditional interiors. By listening attentively and thinking creatively, she brings the collective vision to life. Sydney has found a love for the technical skills required in the construction field. Sydney started with the company as a design intern in February 2018, shortly after she accepted a full time design job in August 2018.


Katie Henderson


Growing up with her dad being a home builder, walking job sites with him was one of Katie's favorite things to do. It made Katie appreciate design and construction at an early age. The passion her dad had for construction was contagious, seeing him love what he was doing made me realize that if you love what you are doing "you will never work a day in your life." Katie received a Bachelor of Science degree in a 4-year Interior Design Program at Western Kentucky University. She started as a design intern for Craftsman Residential in January 2019 and then transitioned to full time with CR Designs in June 2020.

More About Us

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